Ưhat BitTorrent is and how it works

Many torrent sites, and when you search for torrents here, you get links to HTML pages on these sites where the .torrent files can be found, as well as cached .torrent links. These links have the additional benefit of including all trackers tracking the associated torrent, cross-referenced from multiple torrent sites, so you can be sure the .torrents here will give you maximum exposure in finding peers. In P2P, the peers, the higher your potential download speed. When multiple tracker sites track the same torrent, when one site goes down, your torrent download will continue.

After you got the small .torrent hash file, you need a BitTorrent client to actually download the full file. There are many flavors, and I recommend the following. Once installed, simply open the downloaded .torrent’s with the installed client.

Some of the best BitTorrent clients, with multiple torrents interface:
* Azureus – Advanced interface with good speeds. Uses Java so somewhat a resource hog (up to 100 MB ram use with multiple torrents going), but also means it can run on any OS.
* BitComet – Fast downloads and simple interface (written in C)
* NEW: uTorrentAnother Windows only client, super small and super fast. A new client that has bundled the best features and interface from other clients into a small package.
* Official BitTorrent – written in Python, not as fast as BitComet, and is the original reference client.


Download torrents: http://isohunt.com


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