MagicEffect Photo Editor 2009 2.1


MagicEffect Photo Editor 2009 2.1

Description:MagicEffect Photo Editor is an image editing software to add many magic effects onto your digital photo. With MagicEffect Photo Editor, just by mouse clicking, you can add many wonderful effects: Preset filter, Sketch filter, Light filter, Star filter, Amazing filter, Dream filter, Weather filter, Gradient filter, Color filter, Art filter, Texture filter, Edge filter,Frame filter all including multiple effects.

New features for V2009 2.1

You can edit and add magic effects to your digital photos by magice ffect photo editor.
It provides you over 150 magic effects to choose. You can create many magic effect for your digital photo.
You can use multi effects onto one photo. For example, first use one of Light effects,
second use one of Star effects, then use one of Edge effects. By this way, you will get thousands of different special effects onto your photo.
You can save your creative photo as desktop wallpaper by simply clicking a button.

Download MagicEffectPhotoEditor20092.1_nd


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